Street Nature

As I walked throughout the sunny streets of Santa Barbara, I noticed all the nature around me. I was inspired to take photographs of bright colorful flowers in nature. So here are a few of my favorites.a_zuchowicz_street--1-7a_zuchowicz_street--1-2a_zuchowicz_street--1-4a_zuchowicz_street-1a_zuchowicz_street--1


Street Nature

As I walked throughout the sunny streets of Santa Barbara, I noticed all the nature around me. I was inspired to take photographs of bright colorful flowers in nature. So here are a few of my favorites.a_zuchowicz_street--1-7a_zuchowicz_street--1-2a_zuchowicz_street--1-4a_zuchowicz_street-1a_zuchowicz_street--1

My Appreciation

This week again I was busy with AP Bio and AP World studying.  So this week because it was just mother’s day I decided to talk about the most amazing job which is being a mom.  My mom is a 6th grade teacher who works hard at her job every day.  IMG_3774.JPG
She has always been an inspiration to me because she gives great advice, calms me down, and tells me everything’s going to be ok.  I think being a mother is similar to having a job, because it is a responsibility.  The job of a mother is to take you places, support your passions, love you no matter what, give good advice, and to be there.  I think my mom does all of these things and more.


We have lately been taking a tap class together every week, and it has been a lot of fun.  We get to enjoy each others company bright and early on Saturday mornings.  Recently we performed at the fair(shown in the picture above), it was really fun, and we got to showcase a fun waitress tap routine we have been working on.  I think it is important to spend time with your mom because you will eventually not have her always in your life anymore.  My mom and my grandmother are examples of mother and daughter who have spent time together, and still have a wonderful bond.  Also my aunt and my mom are still close to this day, and have a great relationship, that I get to be a part of.

My brother and I

What this post has taught me is the most important thing, that you should appreciate your family.  As I have gone through the different stages of life with my family by my side, I have learned so many different things, and felt new appreciations for them every day.  My advice to any young girl out there who is angry at there mom is to tell her you appreciate her for loving you no matter what!  In summary, Happy Mother’s Day, and appreciate your family.

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I apologize to my viewers because I’ve been so busy with studying for AP exams, I have not been able to make time to interview a successful adult in the workplace.  So I decided to take another week to reflect on the all the amazing interviews I have done in the past.

FullSizeRender (4)A couple weeks ago I interviewed my aunt, who is inspirational everyday to me.  She owns The Watershed Nursery, and it is a very beautiful nursery.  She gave the great advice that one should know the major category of what they want to do before they do it.  She didn’t always want to own a nursery, but she eventually went on that path.  She once had a dream about plants, and then she decided to start a nursery.  She is a real inspiration to me.

2016-03-14 18.58.15I also interviewed Steve Dwelley, who is a yoga instructor, and owns his own studio.  He said his students inspire him everyday.  He is also an inspiration to me, because being a yoga instructor isn’t the path that will make him the most money, but he enjoys it, so he still does it. I also interviewed Emily Heckman, who is another inspiration in my life.  She is passionate about editing, advocating for writers, and someday she would like to publish her own book.

2016-03-06 19.38.28 (1)
This is Emily busy at work.

I would like to take this time to say how each person I have interviewed has inspired me in a different way.  This has helped me realize that I can be successful in whatever path I take.  These interviews also made me want to travel more, go to college, and to have a lot more unique experiences.  Hopefully my dream of being a writer, or to just help people will come true.  These interviews have made me believe in my dreams, and believe in myself.  Before getting advice from all of these qualified adults, I felt very lost, but know I feel very sure in my future.  So I encourage any of you lost high school kids to talk to adults around you about their life experiences, and you may learn a lot.

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This week I did not have a chance to interview anyone, so I decided to reflect on everyone I have interviewed so far, and their contrasting opinions on how to find the right job for you.  I have interviewed a sales associate, a Professor of Developmental Psychology, an Entrepreneur/Business Owner,  Premature Infant Specialist, yoga teacher/yoga business owner, a book editor and writer, dance teacher, an attorney, the Chief Operator for Janet Wolf, and the owner of Peanuts Maternity and Kids.  Each person I have interviewed has provided a different perspective on how to make money, and follow your passions in this tough world.

A Picture of Me Reflecting 

For example, I interviewed Jim Scafide, the attorney, who said that having dreams is good, but working hard is also important.  You can achieve your dreams if you work hard for them.  I also interviewed Barbara Rudenko, the dance teacher who said following your passion is a necessity, and she is a prime example of that, everyday doing what she loves, her everything, teaching children how to dance.  IMG_3365I would also like to take a chance to say that this blog has taught me a lot about the working world, and how to succeed in it.  I personally feel a lot of pressure from the school environment, college applications, and my parents to have a specific skill, and passion that I could take a job in that field.  But as I’ve talked to all these successful adults, I realize that everyone’s path is different.  And a person doesn’t need to take a specific path, it can have bumps along the way, and can be ever changing.  I think my passion is writing, and dancing, but who knows, I have not experienced very much of the world yet.  And as I’ve interviewed these qualified adults, I’ve noticed that unique experiences influence their lives.  So my advice to young kids out there is to not limit your dreams, and to experience things to their fullest.  Also to not be afraid to try things, you may think you won’t like because you never know if you will.

FullSizeRender (10)Thanks,


Young and Ambitious


This week I interviewed Callie Beaudette she is fifteen years old, and is a part-time sales associate at Wendy Foster.  The best part of working at her job is getting to know people, getting to see a different side of people than you usually do.  She has a lot of stories and memories of costumers from this job.  Also she says it is fun working with your “work family.”  The worst part of her day is dealing with annoying costumers.  I asked her if her job was her passion or her purpose, and she said it is my purpose because it is a fun job, but she will not do it as a career.

IMG_0139I asked her what her other passions were, and she said media arts, specifically photography and film.  She also said working at Wendy Foster goes with her passions of having everything aesthetic looking, and organized.  She said they have a color coding system that she enjoys organizing clothes with.

IMG_6308I asked her what she wanted to be when she was young, and she said I am young so right now I want top be a film actress.  When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a vet or a dancer, but those don’t match up with my interests anymore.  I asked her how she got her job, and she said I knew someone working at Wendy Foster so I had a connection, then I interviewed, and I got the job.  Another job for me would be an actress, or my real dream job working at Buzzfeed, as she said this she giggled a little.

IMG_0461I asked her for advice for the young, and she said for getting a job in the real world, you should follow your passions because a lot of times your passions fall in line with your purpose in life.  Also when you get a job, you don’t have to stick to that job, you can have many jobs, you have your whole entire life.

This week I learned that even when your young you can work hard, and be independent, and have a job.  I also learned that passions matter, and learning through experience is a good idea.

Comment below someone who is young and has a steady job.




Blood, Sweat, and Tears


This week I interviewed Heather Bortfeld who is a Professor of Developmental Psychology.  The best part of her day is interacting with students, and the worst part of her day is administrative work.  I asked if her job was her passion or her purpose, and she said it has become my passion although it used to be my purpose.  I asked her what she wanted to be when she was young, and she said a news caster.

IMG_6187I then asked her how she got to the job she has now, and she said after a lot of positions I have arrived at the one I’m going to stay in, there has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I asked her if she would get another job, and she said I would not get another job.

This is the famous arch of UCMerced, and students walk through it when they come for their freshman year, and walk out of it at the end of their senior year.

Then I asked her for her advice for the young, and she said don’t fix your sights too soon or too narrowly.  I fixed my sights too soon and too narrowly, and I realized I wasn’t going to become a news caster overnight.

FullSizeRender (16)

Then just as I thought the interview was over she began talking about her experience learning Spanish.  She just wanted to fill a general ed requirement, and started taking Spanish, and realized she loved it.  She began talking to a girl who had Spanish class with her, who had a dream of going abroad to Peru.  Heather didn’t realize that going abroad is such an amazing opportunity, so she took advantage, and got to go to Spain.  Although this does not have much to do with her job, it taught me that opportunities really influence your life, and your career.

FullSizeRender (15)

This week I learned a lot about how college work through visiting UCMerced, and I saw how many ways you can succeed in your life.  I got to observe Heather’s class, and I realized how much a person can learn in college.  And that I could learn as much as I can before I choose a job that fits who I am.

Comment the college you went to, or your favorite class of college.



More my passion….


This week I interviewed Laura Hanson who is a Entrepreneur/Business Owner.  I asked her what the best part of her day was and she said trouble shooting computer problems, and moving up mature plants to get them ready for sale.  Then I asked her what is the worst part of her job, and she said their is not a worst part, I have never dreaded anything.  I then asked her if her job is her passion or her purpose, and she said more my passion.  Then she said it’s my passion in terms of the subject matter, and owning my own business.  The purpose of this job my need to be my own boss is fulfilled, and what I’m doing for a living is making food and habitat for birds, bees, etc.

FullSizeRender (3)

asked her what she wanted to be when she was young, and she said a Veterinarian because she loved animals.  Then I asked her how she got to this job, and she said  I was working as an independent contractor doing environment consulting.  Then she had a dream that she needed to be working with plants, then when she woke up she started a nursery.  She started this nursery slowly, she had a degree in environmental studies, but she lacked knowledge on horticulture.  She said she didn’t know how to grow plants specifically.  So she took classes to fill in the gaps. This is how she got to the job she’s doing now.

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (7)

I asked her if she had another job what would she do, and she said do something around cooking, or internet technician.

FullSizeRender (9)

Then I asked her for advice for the young, and she said first find out if it’s important to love what you do, or if its important to make enough money to do what you love after work.  Then get an education to follow either path.  Also be clear on the major categories of the things you like to do, don’t be too specific.  The careers that have the characteristics of what you love pursue those.  Also search out professionals and gain from other people’s experiences.

FullSizeRender (10)

This week I learned that it is important to find out if you want your job to be your purpose or passion in your life.  Which is very different view on your job then I’ve gotten from any other person I have interviewed.

Comment whether your job is your passion or your purpose.



A Kind Heart


The person I interviewed today was Mari Headley, and she is an Premature Infant Specialist.  I asked her what her favorite part of her day is playing with babies and supporting parents. I then asked her if her job is her passion or her purpose, and she did not even realize it was an either or, so she said yes when she meant both.


Then I asked what she wanted to be when she was young and she said a physical therapist. I then said what got you to the job your doing now?  And she said her first born was very sick and ended up in the NICU, and she miraculously  survived.  Which she said was a life changing experience, and she wanted people to have similar experiences.


Then I asked her if she had another job what would it be and she said a jazz singer.  Which I thought was interesting because it is the opposite of the job she has now.  Then as always I asked for her advice and she said pay attention to what your good at, and follow your interests.  And just as I thought the interview was over because I did not have anymore questions left.  She began describing each child she works with.  She also talked about how much she loved each and every kid she worked with.  I could tell by this she really was passionate about her job.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What I learned this week was passion really matters.  And that being kind to others really matters.  Through this interview I could tell Mari really cares about others, and helping others.  I also learned that life experiences can influence whatever path your on.  And that your life is built of experiences that influence what you want to spend most of your time doing.  And this makes me want to have many more unique experiences.

Comment a time when helping others made you really happy.




The Yogi



This week I interviewed Steve Dwelley, a yoga teacher/yoga studio owner.  The best part of his day is on the floor helping people, the actual teaching yoga part.  The worst part of his day is dealing with the running of the studio, dealing with tax, licenses, permits, in general office details.

2016-03-14 18.58.15I asked him if his job was his passion or his purpose and he said both, and he had no more words to say.  When he was junior high age he wanted to be a rock star, but as he grew up success was all that was important.  Then he paused to say “I remember I went to New York and my only request was to work in a tall building.”

2016-03-14 18.57.20I then asked him how he got this job and he said he took an interest in the holistic lifestyle, and spiritual pursuit.  I then asked him what would he do if he wasn’t a yoga teacher, and he said he would do body work or therapy.

I then said what would your advice be to the young?  He paused for a while, as most people do to think about this then said…  Just like him coming into a different perception and choosing yoga, and just giving up on his music career.  He says from that experience that if you keep following a deeper sense of what you value, their is a way to do work that is meaningful.  Now that’s if you really want to follow your passion, but if you give up you can take the easier route,and persevere in other fields that are easier to make money in.

This week I learned that everyone’s passion can be unexpected and unknown.  For example, Steve did not expect earlier or even later in his life that a yoga teacher would be his passion, and purpose, but it was.  Also that working hard leads to success, and you have to work really hard to achieve your passions.

Comment below if you have taken a yoga class, or had a specific spiritual moment in your life.